Nail Those Campaign Briefs!

1. your HERO IMAGE 🌅

Your hero image is an important element of your brief! This is what influencers will see first when scrolling through the different campaigns on the app. Choose a beautiful piece of content that represents your brand or product and that catches the eye.



  • Be aware that the image will show as a rectangle 
  • Use lifestyle shots
  • Use images that show exactly what your brand is
  • Use images that are eye-catching



Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 15.54.02.png


  • Use white backgrounds
  • Include only a logo
  • Badly crop your image
  • Use a poor quality or pixelated image


2. your LOGO 🌐

Your logo defines who you are as a brand, right? It will be visible to the influencers at the top of your brief.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 17.00.01.png


  • Your logo must be a square and fill in the whole space
  • Use a neutral colour to fill in the background



  • Leave crop marks at the top and bottom of your logo 
  • Use a poor quality logo file


3. your DOS & DON'TS 🖊

These will give the influencers a clear idea of what they should and should not post. Maybe you want them to include a certain feature of your product. Or maybe you absolutely don't want your brand to be featured next to competitors or sensitive content. Don't hesitate to be bold here, the more concise you are, the more quality post submissions you will get!

Some examples:


  • Show competitors
  • Show nudity
  • Be overly sexy


  • Include the product & logo in the shot
  • Appear healthy
  • Have a sense of humour


4. your MOODBOARD ✔️

The MOST important element of your brief! Your moodboard will determine the quality of posts submissions made by influencers. Remember they will take your moodboard literally so give them the right inspiration for the posts you want to see coming in!


  • Use images taken from your own Instagram
  • Use images from stock libraries
  • Use images from your previous campaigns



  • Use un-cropped images
  • Use watermarked images
  • Use poor quality or pixelated images



Get your brief right and you could be receiving quality post submissions like the ones below.

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