Get the Most Out of Your Campaign


1. The Brief 🖊

make it complete.

Getting your brief right from the start will have a huge impact on how many quality post submissions you get through. Read our tips for creating your brief here

Make sure it explicitly describes what content you would like from the influencer and is as concise as possible. Make the most of the mood board to inspire the models regarding what sort of imagery they should create with your product.

Take inspiration.

Stuck with ideas? Don't hesitate to inspire yourself from other campaigns you have seen that fit your brand well. You could ask the influencers' posts to be humorous, colourful, very high-fashion or extremely cut back and simple just focusing on your product.

think away from a selfie.

There are other ways of growing your brand's awareness than by asking for content showcasing your product in a selfie. Think of all the other great ways of catching consumers' attention - flat lays, your product in action, lifestyle shots of the product... The influencers are models after all so they know how to make your product stand our no matter what.

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2. Reviewing the posts ✔️


Be reactive.

Please appreciate the effort each influencer has put into creating a post and get back to them as soon as you can with feedback. Even notifying them that you will get back to them is reassuring. Some models remove their post submissions if they are left pending too long!

Don't systematically decline. 

Suggest edits where possible. Influencers don't just take the one picture for a post submission, they take many! It could be that they have that perfect picture you want just sitting in their camera roll. Even if they don't, they will be happy to create a new post for you! 


Don't like their caption? Even easier, just tell them to amend it and suggest your edits.

Send messages.

Personalise your relationship with the influencer and don't hesitate to chat through messages. That's what the functionality is there for. Just a few suggestions to the model can make it into that perfect post! 


3. Once the posts are live 🌌

Sit back. 

Watch likes and comments roll in and people start engaging with your campaign's content!

Request content. 

Remember you can't re-use the content the model has posted without their consent. You can only share their post within Instagram. If you would like to use the content, please get in touch.

Review more posts.

To give more impact to your campaign, go to your dashboard and accept some more posts. If you would like to boost the number of post submissions you receive for your campaign, please get in touch.