Frequently Asked Questions



How do you select models that are able to use Model Village?

Our influencers are all female models signed with the top modelling agencies in the world. They are required to have a minimum of 1,000 genuine followers on their Instagram. They are used to representing brands in a beautiful way, making them the ideal content creators.


How do you deal with accounts with fake followers?

We do our best to filter out accounts with fake following before approving them into our community. Before approving a post, you can always check if the model’s profile has good engagement. This will determine if her following base is genuine. If you feel engagement isn’t good enough and the account looks suspicious, let us know immediately.


How doES A BRAND create a campaign brief?

You can create your campaign through our SaaS dashboard by clicking here. Feel like you need a helping hand? Get in touch here and our lovely team will assist you with anything you may need.


Can model village manage our campaign for us?

Of course! We can take care of everything from creating the brief to managing the posts coming through. Get in touch by clicking here or by calling William on +4474639 22514. 


How long do the models have to keep their post live?

A model is required to leave the post on her page for 30 days and must leave the post on the top of her feed for minimum 5 hours. If you notice that a model breaches this rule, contact us immediately.



There are no set up fees for using Model Village. There are no fees either for creating a campaign through the dashboard. However to have an active campaign visible to the influencers on the app, you must buy one of our credit packages. Then it is only when you approve a post made by a model that the value of the post will be debited from your previously purchased credits.

Each influencer's post cost is calculated by an algorithm taking into account the model's number of followers but most importantly engagement. For more info about pricing, get in touch here or by calling William on +4474639 22514.



What requirements must I meet to be able to join model village?

You must be a female agency-signed model signed with one of our partner agencies and have at least 1,000 genuine followers on your Instagram.


I’m not an agency signed model, can I still sign up?

Unfortunately we are not yet open to anyone other than agency signed female models. Watch this space though, you never know!


Are there any fees for using the app?

There are no fees for joining the Model Village app. It is entirely free!


Why hasn't my application been accepted?

We receive a vast number of influencer applications daily and we personally assess each and every application, so it can take some time to be approved. Unfortunately, we cannot accept accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers, poor engagement rates and accounts which do not create quality content. And remember you must be signed with one of our partner model agencies!


Will the brand provide me with their products?

Brands will not provide you with the products. It is up to you to get hold of the products you recommend. It is important for us and your followers that your posts remain authentic, because you use and love the product, and would have bought it anyway.


Can I set my own price for my post?

Prices are set. We have an algorithm that calculates the amount you will receive depending on your number of followers and most importantly engagement.


When and how do I get paid?

You will receive your payment within 5 working days of your post being approved and posted, into your nominated bank account or via Paypal.


How long do I have to leave the post in my feed for?

To avoid breaching your terms and conditions, you must leave the post live for 30 days and at the top of your feed for 5 hours minimum. Failing to do so may result in us removing you immediately from Model Village.


What else do i get access to with model village?

Model Village is a community before anything! Join in weekly activities, meet other models like you, grow your network... Keep an eye out for those newsletters letting you know what's going on!


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