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Over the past 3 years, Model Village has nurtured a powerful community of thousands of fashion models across the world's largest fashion hubs.

Combined with our proprietary platform, we enable brands to tap into this highly engaged niche of content creators and craft beautiful influencer campaigns at scale on Instagram.


Why Fashion Models?

Fashion models are the second most followed accounts on Instagram.


They are professionals who treat their Instagram accounts as digital portfolios. They are accustomed to working with brands meaning they are pre-vetted content creators.










All our influencers are signed with the world's leading model agencies.


the new social media weaponS

According to the Wall Street Journal, Models -historically paid to be seen and not heard - have raised their voices on social media over the past five years, boosting both brands & their careers.
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The new power publishers

Models are now authentic content creators. The Business of Fashion shows how their social media feeds are a key distributor of brand messages, making their talent an essential media buy.
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Why Micro-Influencers?

THEY boast hyper-engaged audiences.

With followers typically in the tens of thousands, micro-influencers are able to deliver campaigns 3 to 4 times more engaging.

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Micro-influencers are recognised by their followers for their influence in a particular niche, making their audiences hyper engaged.


We understand how time consuming running an influencer campaign can be - from sourcing, to micro-managing each individual influencer, checking that the content is on-brand and that your handles or hashtags are correct.


We smooth out this process for you, by offering you a simple platform that seamlessly enables you to target influencers suitable to your brand, and approve all content created by them before it is published.

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Model Village is the only influencer platform focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the FASHION model niche.


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