Get Fired Up is a bespoke programme Model Village created to get models fit and in shape for London Fashion Week. A series of fitness classes are organised in the weeks leading up to each season's big bi-annual fashion event. 

This season, Model Village joined forces with Another_Space to offer the MV Babes a variety of fitness classes from the 21st August till 9th September.

The classes included HIIT boxing followed by a relaxing yoga class, challenging the models both physically and mentally.







The HIIT (or High-Intensity Interval Training) boxing was a high intensity class with a circuit mixture of both floor-work and boxing. The MV Babes were separated into two different groups each time and interchanged every 5 minutes to give them an ultimate workout routine. The aim of this class was to work on body strength, cardio and strengthen the models' core over 45 intense minutes. One of the benefits of this type of class is participants continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after!


Floor exercises included a mixture of push-ups, burpees, Russian twists and star jumps, while the group on the boxing bags combined different moves such as uppercuts, jabs and crosses. 


"Fast and furious, build with the beat. Toning strength exercises with high-energy punchbag work, firing your metabolism to burn extra calories for hours."

— Another_Space



After sweating it out with HIIT boxing, the MV Babes were then given a chance to wind down, stretch it out and relax their mind and body in yoga. 


"Combines powerful breath with powerful movements, working your strength and flexibility in equal measure. Traditional Yoga range of movement with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate, and help your mental state."

— Another_Space


During the class the models were given personal tips to help strengthen their core movements. The yoga instructors provided tailored advice as they showed the MV Babes the best poses and positions to suite their body. The environment of the class was also incredibly calm, with mood lighting and a soothing aesthetic to truly help relax the MV Babes.


This season, our MV Babes were spoilt by our partners, who provided them with the ultimate workout essentials. The models were gifted with the perfect fitness gear by Gym Shark for all the sessions, so they looked the part whilst getting in perfect shape for their LFW shows. Fiji Water kept the models hydrated through out the sessions.

A massive thank you is also in order to the whole team at Another_Space, who provided the space and instructors to help guide the girls through the HIIT boxing and yoga classes throughout the event. 


“You are the best - such a great work out"

— @imkirstyanne


“Thank you for a lovely time, guys! You rock!"

— @lygiacerski



Did you follow the sessions on our Instagram live stories? The models also shared some amazing content on their socials, so as not to miss a second of the workouts. 

Here is our pick of our favourite Instagram posts collected over the three weeks, by our MV Babes @elizabethjones07 and @martha.bianchi.


Good luck to all the models walking in shows this season for #LFWS/S18 and we hope you enjoyed the #GetFiredUp programme. 



Look out for udpates on our social media pages and website! You can even get in touch if you would like to hear more about the sessions!


Watch the Video from GetFiredUp for LFWS/S18: