How to Impress Casting Directors

That time of year has come again - London Fashion Week is coming up! You may now be so used to this hectic time and be as cool as a cucumber coming up to your castings... or you're just starting out - whatever it is we have you covered!

The purpose behind a casting is to present yourself in front of a client or casting director in order to get booked for a job. Casting directors are therefore similar to gatekeepers, so making a good impression is key to help you get first option on that job! This post is all about providing the best #MVtoptips to our #MVbabes on how to make the best impression when walking into those all important castings.


1. Never be late.

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First impressions count for everything. Even if you think there may be a queue for the casting, try and arrive extra early, this will be sure to impress the casting director. It shows you are organised and have amazing time management skills. This will then show you will also be reliable if you are booked for the job.


2. Do your homework.

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It’s always good to have a strong conversation during the time of the casting. You don’t always get a long time with casting directors, so why not impress them while you can with your knowledge of the brand? Check out the past shows of the designer’s collections, or recent campaigns and editorials related to the job you are casted for. If you show this dedication and interest it will help you impress the casting director and help make them remember you.


3. Ask only for valuable advice.

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Again time is limited, so even though it’s always good to ask questions, make sure they are valuable. Never ask about pay at the casting, you haven’t necessarily got the job yet and this information will be provided by your agency, not the casting director. Good questions to ask could be: 'How is your day going? How’s your schedule for the shows looking - are you excited about this season?' Show you are genuinely interested in the industry and relate any topic you can to something you can mutually discuss with them about the job.


4. Try not to take anything too personally.

Sometimes the advice they give back isn’t always what you expect to hear. Try your best not to show any negative reactions during the casting, as you never know what will happen in the future. Casting directors can also work for multiple brands, so even if they don’t think you're right for this casting, it’s vital to keep that relationship in case you see them at another! Keep a note of what they said however and maybe talk about it with your agency and see what they say. 


5. Always have plenty of model cards.

Casting directors may ask for one or multiple cards so it’s always good to be prepared. When you are getting your cards printed at your agency, ask for a few and even keep some at home so you have them ready in the morning when you start your day. Some big castings may also have multiple casting directors or team members assisting, so it’s good to have cards ready to provide them to everyone.


6. Always come prepared.

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There is nothing more annoying for you to arrive at a casting and then realise you need heels, a hairband or something else important. Make yourself a check list so you can remind yourself every morning what you need. It’s always good to visit castings with natural or even no makeup. This helps the casting director see your true beauty and know exactly what the brand can work with. Wear something simple, black is always a flattering, clean colour that works well. Most castings will ask you to bring heels also, so make sure you come with a good pair you can easily walk in.


7. Always smile and be friendly.

It’s important to make a lasting impression. You want to show that you are easy to work with and will help make their life easier! If you are friendly and smile they will be drawn to your positive energy. This will also help them remember you, they may even recommend you to another brand or designer.


8. Keep it professional.

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Professionalism is key. Even though you want to reflect your positive, friendly personality. You also want to show that you respect the casting director, designer and everyone else involved within the process. If you reflect a strong aesthetic that is also professional within the industry people will want to work with you. As the saying goes, treat others as you like to be treated yourself. Casting directors often also give feedback to agencies they have a strong relationship with, so remember that how you act in the casting will always be noted. Ensure you make an impression that counts!


9. Help make them remember you.

Casting directors see hundreds of models every day for castings. Therefore it’s key to establish a lasting impression that makes them remember who you are and make sure they book you for that job. Especially for London Fashion Week, make sure you have a strong walk, this will be key to help ensure your option within the shows. Make them remember you, impress them with both your look and personality. Like any job, designers want to work with people who are professional and fit their look. Even if the designer isn’t at the casting, a casting director is equally as important to impress. It’s crucial to remember they themselves often cary a lot of weight within the industry and so if you respect them, this credit will be rewarded.


10. Make sure you remember who they are.

Most casting directors have strong relationships with multiple brands, shows and designers. Therefore it is highly likely you will come across them again in the future. Make sure you remember their name. It’s also always good to remember where you met the casting director. This will be key to help you start a conversation next time you see them. It will show you remember and respect them, even though you may be equally busy. This all helps build up your relationship with the casting director so they can in turn help recommend you for future jobs.

We hope you enjoyed these #MVTopTips and they help you out next time you have a casting! Go get 'em! 👊🏽

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