How to Get Ready for Your Very First Casting

For every new face, a casting can be the start of a memorable career. It’s your first taste of the industry and your chance to make your mark. We have put together our most constructive advice to provide you with the best #MVTopTips to help you survive and shine through your first ever casting!

First of all, what is a casting?

A casting is a like an interview. Models attend castings to be considered for a job. This could be an editorial, campaign or catwalk. Even though they can also research you before on your agency's website, a casting gives the chance for the client to see you in person and decide if they want to book you for the job.

So what’s the process?


Step 1: How to get a casting


This is your model agent's role. After you have signed with a model agency and have started to build your portfolio, your agent will start proposing you to clients, who will  ask you to a casting if they believe you are a good fit for their campaign.

Don't worry if you don't immediately get cast, it sometimes takes time. You may also find some days are extremely busy with castings and other days you may have none. Try not to worry too much and use your time to your advantage. Also, castings can sometimes pop-up last minute so make sure you are always easy to reach by your agency so they can get hold of you if something becomes available.

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Step 2: Model Cards


Once you are signed with a model agency you will be given model cards by your agent. This will usually happen before your castings so you have them ready to go. Then during the castings you give these cards to the client to help them remember who you are. They will often include your measurements and the contact details of your agency.

It's good to remind your agency to update your card with your latest measurements and newest pictures. It's a strong reminder for the clients to help remember who you are so you want to make sure your cards show the most recent you.

If you feel your featured picture isn't something you think is right, trust your agency as they know the industry and what the clients are looking for. After the casting the clients will then directly contact your agent if they are interested in booking you for the job, so you don’t have to give them any of your personal information.


Step 3: The casting's details


Your agent will then normally send you an email with your casting information. Some agencies also text you your schedule directly so you can easily be contacted and updated with what’s going on. The details will tell you the name of the job, who your point of contact is, the location and time you have to be there. Some agencies are given different information for different girls so don’t worry if a model you know also casting for the job doesn’t have exactly the same details as you. Each experience is personal.

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Step 4: The Casting


When you arrive at the casting there is a sign-in sheet. Ask other models in line or someone in the room if there is one and write your name down so you save your place in line! If you’re the first to arrive at the casting, you can even offer to start one, which shows you're organised and well prepared.

Casting queues can sometimes take a while, so don’t give up and stay alert. It’s always good to use this waiting time to put on your heels, get ready mentally and look alive. You can even use this time to research more information about the client which you can later impress them with!


Sept 5: Casting Concerns


Not sure what to make of how the casting went? Every casting is different and it’s all about the little details! So remember to always smile, be friendly and be professional. You never know what the outcome will be.

Also don’t worry if the casting doesn’t take that long. Designers and clients are busy people and have to see a lot of models in a limited amount of time. So make sure you use what time you have to make a strong impression.

Once the casting is over, you can always ask your agency if they heard any feedback from the client. If it’s positive then that’s great! But if it’s negative try and use it to your advantage and learn from any mistakes! Practice makes perfect, particularly if it's your first time! It sometimes takes a while to mark your spot in the industry.

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Hope these #MVTopTips help and good luck with your casting! 🤞🏼

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