MVBoy2Watch: Oliver Smiles

As the #MVBoy community continues to grow, MV got in touch with #MVModelMember Oliver Smiles, to discover his advice tailored towards male models. Continue reading to find out what skin care products, style and casting tips Oliver suggests for Male Models taking part in this Fashion Month!

A bit about Oliver






Mother Agency:

Established, London


MV asks: When & where did you first get scouted?


I was scouted by Tandy owner of Select models on platform 5 of Rugby station.

MV asks: What would be your top 3 casting tips?


My best top casting tips are: 

1. Always turn up on time or 15 minutes before

2. Take 30 seconds before you go in to the casting to relax and to then go in be polite and give the best you can!

3. They say dress all black but I always dress in what suits me best like greys or blues.

MV asks: What are your favourite men's skincare products?


My favourite skincare products since I’ve been modelling are: 

1. DR Sebaugh men’s foaming cleanser

2. Tom Ford men Anti-Fatigue Eye treatment

3. Creme de La Mer moisturising soft cream


MV asks: For male models, what style tips would you suggest for castings?


I would suggest: 

 1. Be yourself but dress different from the rest as sometimes it works in your favour 

2. Make sure your cards and book are clean and up to date

3. Walk into the casting like you already owned it standing tall and proud - confidence is key 

MV asks: What has been your ultimate modelling job to date?


My ultimate modelling job as been the Goertz shoe campaign all over Germany a year or so back! (Goertz is a designer shoe brand offering a range of classic and modern styles, check out their website to discover their collection HERE.)


MV asks: Do you have any hobbies or skills outside of modelling?


I’m a big car enthusiast it’s in my blood, as before modelling I used to sell cars following my father's path, but supercars and vintage cars are my thing. I love to cook too, I'm a huge foodie but also love to run, swim, gym and train with weights. I also appreciate collaborating with people from the fashion scene in London. 

MV asks: What has been your best moment with Model Village?


I really enjoyed seeing the efforts put into the 2018 Model Village Lounge in London at 100 Wardour street. The team and ideas were well put together and there was a nice chillled vibe and was a hub for people to network! Oh and of course making the app available for men 🎉

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