MVBoy2Watch: Juan Milan

A bit about Juan





Paris, France

Mother Agency:

Blare Management in France & First Models in London

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MV Asks: When and where did you first get scouted?


I started when I was 18/19 years old, and then stoped at 21 years old for other projects. I flew to America with my ex girlfriend to make a book, as she was a photographer and that project took us almost a year. Then I got back to modelling 2 years ago. I also started my acting career!

MV Asks: What inspired you to become involved in the modelling industry?


I’ve always loved fashion, and I guess people approached me for my look, my personality...

I love modeling and am all about fashion, I think it's one of the coolest industries to be in, you are surrounded by creative people and are able to discover fun and creative collaborations all the time! Of course it is tough, but we can’t complain, we're not sitting in a office all day, with all my respect, but we gotta be thankful for what we do!

MV Asks: As a male model, what are your favourite skincare brands?


I’ve actually just discovered and tried the Monroe products thanks to Model Village, and I have to say, they’re really good. They smell good, and work pretty well.
I like using masks from different brands too, a good clay mask is always a good idea plus using hand cream and rose oil helps protect my skin and keep it healthy! 


MV Asks: For you, how important is your social media profile with modelling especially?


It’s really important for me as I have a different look compared to classic models, my Instagram allows me to show everyone who I am. Between my Stories and my posts, social media really lets people see my personality. 

Instagram allows you to have the control of your own image, you can brand yourself, and show people who you really are. I think, today it’s as important as having a good and strong book as often clients can discover you on Instagram also. 

MV Asks: For new models wanting to find an agency, what advice would you give?


To be confident,

Have a strong personality,

But most important you gotta be ready for the world!

It’s not only about shooting and travelling to exotic locations, you gotta be mentally prepared for few castings a day, positive and negative comments about you.

MV Asks: What has been your favourite modelling job to date?


I dont really know, I’m always having fun and enjoying the work I do.
Seriously I love my job, any shoot is cool. Love the creativity on set. But I’m really excited for this year, I’ve got a lot of cool projects coming out.

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MV Asks: Since it's fashion month, whats your favourite designer at the moment?


I’ve always been a big fan of the French photographer and fashion designer, Hedi Slimane since he was at Dior, but what he did for Yves Saint Laurent was absolutely stunning!! No need to mention his photography.. an incredible work! He’s the man!!

Im also a big fan of Vivienne Westwood

I recently discovered A child of the jago, you guys should check him out, it's brillant. He's got something different.

MV Asks: For male models new to social media, what 3 tips would you suggest to help them build their profiles?



  1. Post things that reflect your personality.
  2. Be creative.
  3. Don’t take it too seriously, have fun son!

MV Asks: What has been your favourite experience with Model Village to date?


I just met Model Village during #LFWM, which has been an amazing experience! Everyone works really well together with a young and dynamic team. Most of all it is amazing to have the 100 Wardour Street lounge as a place to relax and meet other models! When you know how hard it could be during fashion week, it does help to know more people from the industry, and have some fun during that crazy time. Fashion week can be really stressful sometimes. Ive been hangin out at the lounge during my free time, you can always meet cool peeps, or just relax, have a coffee, and charge your phone!

The privileges offered via the Model Village app are also an amazing chance to engage with the fashion community!

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