MVBoy2Watch: Antonin Koke

A bit about Antonin

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Paris, France but recently moved to London full time!


Nevs, London

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MVAsks: When and where did you first get scouted?


I was scouted in Paris in front of the shop I was working at, so when I arrived in London I wanted to try to join an agency! I simply applied online and got signed by Nevs! 

MVAsks: Since it's Fashion Month, which designers currently inspire your wardrobe?


I really liked the SS18 collection of Fendi, which looks amazing and in a more colorful style I also love the collections of Ami Paris.

My wardrobe isn't inspired by a particular designer, but a mixture! I mainly buy clothes which inspire me on the moment and when I see them, as I know what exactly fits for me.

MVAsks: What is your favourite skin product at the moment?


I rarely use skin products but I really like the "Nivea tonique douceur" it's kind of a liquid cream thats perfect for the face, that's all I need! 

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MVAsks: What advice would you give other male models building their online identity?


I think to have a good online identity. The best is to be yourself obviously but not to take it too seriously! A funny pose or description is always more real and likeable than a serious one! 

MVAsks: What has been your favourite modelling job to date?


I've only been modelling now for a month, so I've just been focusing on building my book with tests, but I'm excited to work with brands in the near future!

MVAsks: What helps you get the perfect photo when you're on set?


Does the perfect photo exist? If it does I think, mine have been the ones which I have had the most fun with during the shoot! 

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MVAsks: How do you find creative inspiration in your local city?


I'm writing rap texts and London has really inspired me. I've written loads of texts about all this new life. I think my inspiration about rapping is really random sometimes, I get some because I'm upset sometimes because I liked someone I met or something I did. The key is going out and don't search for it, real inspiration happens when I'm not expecting it!

MVAsks: What has been your favourite experience with Model Village so far?


My favourite experience with Model Village was the LFWM Lounge during Men's Fashion Week's castings at 100 Wardour street! It was a very good initiative to discuss, chill, take pictures with the genius Kevin Luchmun... The people I met were also so nice, the food too and I even had a facial massage for the first time with Monroe!