MVBoy2Watch: Marques Emmanuel

Ever wondered how to create your own modelling portfolio online? Marques Emmanuel is a 24-year-old creative model based in London. He utilises the influence of social media and apps like Instagram to showcase his unique sense of style and boost his identity as a male model, so he can discover new clients to work with on a daily basis.

As featured in Vogue, Marques also has his own blog to showcase his modelling portfolio. Marques posts his work online and shares stories about each photoshoot experience so his readers can learn more about him and what happens behind the image. Check out his most recent shoot with Urban Outfitters HERE and learn why Marques loves the brand's display of colour coordination. Under every post, he even links each item so you can directly source the clothes yourself and learn more about each brand he works with instantly.

Continue reading to discover how Marques expresses his identity on social media, how he discovers new content creation techniques and his hobbies outside of modelling.

A bit about Marques


Age: 24

HomeTown: Harrow, London

First Mother Agency: IMM Models

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MV Asks: When did you first get into modelling?


I first got into modelling about 3 years ago. I actually still remember the exact time and place I got discovered, which happened when I was shopping at the Office store on Oxford Street! It was such a great moment! 

MV Asks: What was your first modelling job?


My first ever job was a Spring/Summer campaign for ASOS at their studio near Caledonian Road in London.

I’ve really enjoyed my journey so far, and I appreciate my evolution in the industry every day!

MV Asks: Where do you find content inspiration for your Instagram?


People ask this question a lot. And for me, it’s quite simple. I believe being a Creative is different from just "modelling”. Inspiration is everywhere, creating something on a platform like Instagram gives you the power to brand yourself exactly how you desire. I always try to be as innovative as possible when collaborating with brands and photographers I work with. Originality makes you stand out, right?


MV Asks: What has been your favourite modelling job to date?


It’s pretty difficult to choose! but I love the jobs that enable me to travel outside of London the most. It’s dope to be able to discover new brands away from here because they always inspire me to create and see things differently.

MV Asks: Do you have any hobbies/skills outside of modelling?


Yes, I do actually, I love photography and always have my camera with me all the time!

Another strong interest of mine is architecture. Before I got into modelling and even before studying at University, I had a crazy desire to just create my own buildings! Finding new builds of architecture is like a form of artistic therapy for me.

I also love to read! Any book that allows me to self-reflect is golden. I have just finished reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and is a must-read for anyone looking for a modern take on spirituality! 

I also recently got into learning more about fashion design and drawing my own stuff. Maybe I’m working on something exciting? Who knows?


MV Asks: Which designers inspire your wardrobe?


I love East Asian & Scandinavian designers. Jonny Johansson (of Acne Studios) & Yang Li (of Raf Simons) have paved the way for the future of Haute Couture. A lot of these upcoming designers should not be slept on. In my opinion, they currently dictate the creative templates that are used throughout the industry. But of course, street style is a huge thing at the moment, so I’m always looking at what Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston & Demna Gvasalia are creating!

MV Asks: How have you used Instagram to help boost your career?


Instagram is an amazing tool that gives models the perfect opportunity to express ourselves visually (Well that’s how I see it anyway). Using Instagram has helped me expose my work to brands and multiple individuals who I’ve now built strong relations with. It has also helped enable me to showcase my personal style and vision!


MV Asks: What advice would you give to other male models who are wanting to organically build their Instagram profile?


I’d say to create whatever you want, and I mean that literally! There aren’t any rules to limit your creativity, so be who you are and roll with it! 

MV Asks: What made you decide to start your blog and what is it about?


I’ve just always enjoyed putting my own outfits together, so by creating a blog it was the perfect way for me to express my own style and show my portfolio! I believe that styling is such a unique gift that enables you to express who you are. After all, the best kind of art is real art!


MV Asks: What is your favourite skincare product for men at the moment?


I’ve built a great relationship with the team at Gentlemen's Tonic in Mayfair, London. The brand is an international and award-winning luxury spa, grooming and hair concept that offers some of the best range of products for men, they deliver the best results! Definitely, check them out!

MV Asks: What has been your favourite experience with Model Village so far?


I love, love, loved the London Fashion Week party to celebrate the 1 anniversary of MV with Wonderland in February, the DJ set with Emmanuel Lawal was awesome! His music style was amazing and got the whole place lit, I can't wait for the next one!