MVBabe2Watch: Lulu Stone

Do you want to build your modelling network worldwide? #MVModelMember Lulu Stone is currently signed with over 6 international agencies and has worked abroad in numerous exotic locations thanks to he career success! She's even just come back from her most recent trip to Sri Lanka with FatFace.

Lulu has also been featured in major campaigns such as with Coach, Champion, Jack Wills and Adidas. She has also appeared in various fashion editorials including Vogue and Cosmopolitan and as a result, has gained huge industry insight from her modelling experience so far.

Continue reading to find out what advice Lulu suggests you follow if you want to work abroad, the best advice she has ever received herself and other interesting facts about her which can inspire your own modelling endeavours. 

A bit about Lulu

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London, Uk

Mother Agency:

J'adore Models

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MV Asks: When and Where did you first get scouted?


I only really got into modelling whilst I was at university. Someone at my uni studying fashion asked me to shoot her collection and, after enjoying the experience, I started doing more shoots until I felt confident enough to join my mother agency, J'adore in Manchester!


MV Asks: What's a fun fact about yourself?


I have very dexterous toes! So I can pick things up, draw, and open bottles all with my toes which I think is pretty unique!

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MV Asks: Which is your dream fashion brand to work with?


I've worked with some amazing brands that I'm super proud to have been involved with but I'd love to get a really cool beauty campaign like Fenty, Milk or Glossier!

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MV Asks: Where do you find your fashion wardrobe inspiration?


A lot of my favourite clothes have actually been vintage steals from my mum's old wardrobe.

I love rummaging through every now and then and discovering old classic pieces that work with my own style today!

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MV Asks: What has been the best modelling advice you have received?


The best piece of advice I have ever been told is just to be confident in yourself!

I know it's a LOT easier said than done but people will always connect with the most genuine version of you. And if they don't, that's fine. They're just not the people that you're meant to be connecting with at that time and you were meant to do something else which is probably for the better anyway! What is meant to be will be!

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MV Asks: Since you're signed with a few different agencies around the world, what advice would you give to other models who also want to work abroad?


Try and build a network as large as possible! It's always great if people know you in the market you want to work in and you never know who is watching your Insta so always check your messages and watch out for potential scouts!

I also strongly recommend having a banging set of fresh polaroids, by encouraging your agency to keep updating your book, even if it is just simple polaroids, it looks instantly refreshing and can get the attention of both old and new clients.

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MV Asks: Where has been your favourite exotic location to work?


I've just been to Sri Lanka to work with FatFace for their next campaign and it was incredible! Our first shoot happened as soon as we landed and involved releasing rescued baby turtles into the ocean.

It was amazing to work with such beautiful animals in such an exotic location, the team was also the best ever and so was a pretty unforgettable trip.

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MV Asks: For models who suffer from homesickness what tips would you suggest?


I text my mum every day regardless of where I am so she knows I'm safe and we can hear about each other's day. We're super close so it's great to keep in touch via WhatsApp.

Even a quick Skype call home can help if you're feeling super homesick! I also get mum to send me pics of my cat. It's great and really helps me feel connected to home :)

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MV Asks: How important is social media for your career?


It's suuuuper important! I've bagged some of my biggest campaigns through social media. Even if a client doesn't cast directly on Instagram, they will 9/10 times have a little look at your profile after a casting if they're interested in you.

I've even turned up at jobs before where they'd printed out selfies instead of my actual book for references so deffo keep your Instagram updated- it has the potential to lead to amazing opportunities!

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MV Asks: What has been your favourite experience with Model Village to date?


I loooveee the Get Fired Up fitness sessions for #LFW. It was great because you get to see a bunch of friendly faces and everyone was feeling the same pain from the previous sessions so you all just get on with it together!