MVBabe2Watch: Fabienne Dobbe

We got in touch with #MVBabe Fabienne Dobbe, a young model who has taken the fashion industry by storm and already has a seriously well established portfolio!

She also has a personal blog, @modelslovefood, to try promote a healthy living, especially targeted towards models! She's even been interviewed by Harper's Bazaar and Dutch Vogue, showing how valued her words of wisdom truly are! Continue reading to find out Fabienne's tips and advice for London's hot spots and how the Model Village app has helped her discover new and exciting venues to help inspire her culinary tips!

A bit about Fabienne





Vorrhout, Netherlands

Mother Agency:

Future Faces, Amsterdam


MV asks: When and where did you first get scouted? 


When I was 13 years old I got scouted in front of the Zara in the Kalverstraat while shopping. I was waiting outside for my mom, because it was too busy inside of the shop. Then my current booker Romy, touched my shoulder and asked if I ever thought about modellig before, and that’s how it all started. 

MV asks: What has been your favourite modelling job to date?


The Gucci cruise show in Florence last May, it was my first show and the most amazing and special experience I’ve ever had!!


MV asks: What top casting tips would you recommend for new face models?


Go as yourself, wear whatever you feel like wearing, show your personal style and don’t change it, because of the casting. You will feel the most comfortable in your own clothes. 

MV asks: Your profile / personal blog @modelslovefood is a great inspiration for healthy meals, where are some of your top london hot spots?


My most favourite number 1 spot is Deliciously Ella’s Deli, they serve plantbased food with so much flavour and choices. 

Wild food is great too, their “chicken” just tastes like real chicken and their sweet potato fries are to die for!

Another one of my favourite spots is Ethos food, you can take whatever you feel like having, and you pay for the weight, so when not too hungry this might be a really good place! For a quick coffee with some deliciouse cake I really love Wulf and Lamb. All their cakes are plantbased and some of them are gluten free, try their carrot cake with a matcha latte, it’s so good!!


MV asks: Can you suggest some model tips for other #MVBabes wanting to maintain a healthy and balanced diet? 


When I started modelling I had to stop eating sugar just to stay in shape. I stopped eating candies and cookies, and replaced them for fruits, vegetables and nuts. After a week the sugar was out of my body and it felt great! Also when I found out I had a dairy intollerance I cut out all dairy products from my diet and since then my skin has never been so clean!

MV asks: What has been your favourite experience with Model Village so far?


Finding out Wulf and Lamb was so close to my agency, and MV had an offer with them!! When I have to fill up my time before going in at my agency I’ll pop by for a coffee etc. Their waiters are so nice, you can find a space easily and work on your laptop.


MV asks: Which particular venues on EXPLORE on the MV app do you love?


So strict on number one is Wulf and Lamb, but I do really love to pop by at 100 Wardour street as well, since it’s in the centre of London and they have a lot of great food options. I would really like to try out Hummus Bros soon! 


Keep updated with Fabienne's amazing food inspiration by following her blog's Insta here! You can also follow her personal account here to see her model journey to success! Find out what MV perks you can discover too today by downloading the app!