MVBabe2Watch: Athena Zelcovich

Want to use your voice to help make a difference in the world? Meet MVBabe Athena Zelcovich who is a fashion model and actress based in Paris and has a keen interest in helping humanity. 

Athena is best-known for her role as Jenny on the French TV show Plus Belle La Vie which reaches over 5.3 million viewers and has a 23.2% audience share each weekday evening when it is aired on France 3. The series follows the daily lives of the inhabitants of "Le Mistral", a fictional neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille, where wealthy and less than wealthy families co-exist.

Find out why Athena wants to use her identity to help humanity, what advice she shares and her favourite places to hang out in Paris...

A bit about Athena:


Age: 27

Hometown: Paris

Mother Agency: DMG Models


Q.1 Describe yourself in 3 words:

Spontaneous, creative and curious!

Q.2 When and where did you first get into modelling?

Modelling has been a part of my life since I was a little child actually! I used to be represented by Frimousse Agency based in Paris and worked on campaigns such as with Disneyland Paris and Toysrus when I was very little.


Q.3 When did you first get into acting?

As I said above, acting is a career I had always been dreaming about. I started by going to both acting and theatre classes but I also participated in many workshops so I could actually perform on stage, build my identity and talent.

I also remember this amazing coach called Jack Waltzer, who taught me so much and helped me to increase my self-confidence, which is so important in this job, especially regarding the competition you have to be facing every single day. Modelling and acting are very similar careers and so co-inside together seemingly. 


Q.4 Who inspires you?

I am always inspired by creative people in general to be honest. I am very passionately inspired by people who commit their lives to causes such as women empowerment, fight for rights, humanitarian causes… people who I believe will truly make the world change. I always love surrounding myself with positive energy and people who provide this enlightened perspective of the world.

Someone who greatly inspires me is the American Actress Meryl Streep. She has such a wonderful and powerful character! We can see how she is a really focused person and makes decisions not just for herself but for the image she provides to people. The way she acts is amazing, sincere and inspiring.


Q.5 What has been your favourite film you have been a part of so far?

I was part of a famous and well-known French daily TV Show called Plus Belle La Vie for almost 2 years and played the part of a woman called Jenny.

The show reaches millions of people in each episode and is broadcasted on the "France 3" channel on TV every evening!

My role was about a 'badass' woman who is totally free and does not care what people can think of her. Jenny's personality is also funny and super-appealing.

I really enjoyed the time spent with all the actors and staff during my time on the show. Even though the work pace itself was very intense, we also spent a lot of time together relaxing and bonding off-set. In the end, they were like my second family!

To date, I would say this is by far my best experience.

Q.6 What advice you would suggest to other models who are also aspiring actresses?

My advice to other models who want to get into acting would be:

  1. Be passionate, acting is all about emotion.
  2. To me, take into account that this job is totally different from being a model (not the same mentality, not always based on physical aspect but way more about your personality…)
  3. Be strong when you are facing the competition and never give up! 
  4. Do not let the fear of not succeeding overwhelm you - do it because you love it, work hard to perform.
  5. And, always stay humble!

Q.7 Why do you think Instagram is important for creatives such as models and actresses?

In general, I think that social media and especially Instagram are crucial to helping promote anyone who is involved in the creative industry, including models, actresses, athletes etc.

It is also hugely important for artists, as your image is surrounded by your identity and Instagram provides the perfect platform to help you display your creative portfolio. 

However, the true art of Instagram or social media, in general, is how you use it! We all know that a bad buzz can happen just like that, so I use social media carefully and plan out every post I publish as it is a key link to not just your personal life but also your professional career.

When I publish pictures on Instagram, I try to stay as natural as possible, I like authentic and lifestyle posts, not only professional ones and I think this is a great way to gain engagement!


Q.8 What has been the best advice you have ever received? Who was it from and how has it motivated you?

The best advice I have honestly received comes from close friends of mine! It's often the people who know you the best who can provide you with honest truth and the best guidance in life. 

I was super afraid of not succeeding in this career of being an actress and had a big lack of self-confidence. In fact, when I was going to a casting, I always told myself: "I won’t get it". Then one day, a friend told me that in the worst case you will get a no, but at least you have tried! 

This was really meaningful advice for me because when you dedicate your life to any job, you know that you cannot make everything happen the way you want, as it is not always about you and you need to accept that. 

Now, when I get a no, I tell myself it was at least a good way to practise and learn!

In life, you always need to perform and challenge yourself! In acting, I've learnt that having a variety of skills helps multiply your chance of getting a part. For example, broaden your act to comedy, drama etc and then this will help show that you can play a variety of roles and don't just stick with what you think is best!


Q.9 What is one personal and one professional goal you wish to achieve in 2018?

A personal goal is to get more involved in a women empowerment cause/rights.

I want to use my voice as an actress to help make a positive difference in the world! I often get tips and advice from my family, friends and even fans who encourage me to motivate my sense of identity in today's society. This is definately a strong personal goal I wish to achieve in my life.

My professional goal would be to take part in a US movie and expand my acting portfolio!

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 16.07.30.png

Q.10 Where are your favourite places to hang-out in Paris?

There are so many amazing places that opened in the past 2 years in Paris especially which I love to hang-out in at the moment. So I have lots in mind! I love discovering new places to relax in-between castings and j'adore using the MV app to find them!

If I had to choose a couple of venues in particular however, they would have to include: Hotel & Restaurant Grand Amour, Bar & Restaurant of the Hotel National, La Palette and Le Montana Rooftop!

Q.11 What has been your best experience with Model Village?

I am so happy to be an MV member and would like to give you guys a massive thank you for helping me and other models in the industry everyday. 

I have always had a great experience with Model Village and have taken part in many campaigns/ events in Paris such as with Comptoir des Cotonniers. I also love the new perks available on the app and always look out for the latest privileges in Paris!

Love you <3