#MVBABE 2 WATCH: Yuliya Dan


Introducing our new feature MV Babes To Watch - To help promote the MV community Village Diaries will be sharing behind the scenes of our ModelMembers so you can find out their hidden talents. This includes blogs, charities, music, art work and any other creative expression our members do behind the camera. This month our #MVBABE 2 WATCH is Yuliya DAN. 

We got in contact with Yuliya to find out her thoughts about using her model image and voice to promote her positive creativity through her jewellery! She also talks about her best moments with Model Village.



Yuliya Dan is a #MVmodelmember with a creative passion to express her love of nature and humanity through her jewellery.

As a model, journalist and ultimate explorer Yuliya studied art, humanity, ethics, morality, theology and social behaviour to gain a true understanding of the concept of “HER”. On her website Yuliya explains how Femmania, the central theme of her art, is all about what it really means to be “HER” in a “post-feminist, oversexed, yet asexual world.”


She works with ink and calligraphy influenced by her years in Japan to create her images, with her central painting of a woman being her main theme. Watch out it’s done on this video: 


Check out the video bellow to find out how Yuliya creates some of her artwork such has "Smoke & Mirrors"



MV Asks: What’s your main inspiration behind your jewellery designs?


Years ago I came across a Victorian pendant. It had a photograph of a young lady, probably somebody’s loved one, long lost and gone. The vintage feel, the way it was made to preserve something special, really inspired me. At the same time, being a painter and spending all of my time in galleries and museums, I kept experimenting with the idea that one can wear art and be art. By putting this two obsessions together I came up with my jewellery line “WEAR ART” and that's how the pendants were born. 

MV ASKS: How has social media helped promote your jewellery?


Even though social media killed privacy, I see it as the most personal thing of all. To me as an artist, it gave an opportunity to build actual relationships with my clients. To create a bond, a friendship. I love the fact that it's a two way street of mutual curiosity. I don’t just create beautiful things for people, I listen to their stories and make them into beautiful things. 

A second important thing about social media is how it connects the "big world". 

It doesn’t matter that I live in London, I can reach out to any place (big or small) around the world. The place becomes irrelevant, and the opportunities are limitless. 

My pieces found their homes from European countries like France, Switzerland or Norway all the way to America and Japan, with the latest sale being to Alaska. How amazing is that? 

MV ASKS: On your website you refer to exploring more about “her”- as a female model how has your fashion experience taught you about female empowerment?


 I can talk for hours about this, and for those who are curious I would suggest to take a peek at the “Femmania” page on my site (https://www.yuliyadan.com/about) - it’s a kinky read. But to keep it short, I would just say, I started to model at the age of 13 and as an odd teenager I didn’t know anything about the glamorous world of beauty or how objectified it is. But my mum taught me the most important lesson of all: She always said that “smart girls are the prettiest”, so instead of obsessing with “bigger boobs” I chose to read “better books”. Through highs and lows of my modelling career in a forever changing world, only two thing stayed constant: 1. Intelligence is sexy; 2. Girls and women who stick together, watch out for each other and take care of one another are the strongest and most successful. Right, sisters? 

MV ASKS: What’s your best advice to help other models promote positive creativity through their social media?


 Be honest, laugh at yourself and just get it out there. You’d be surprised how many people can relate to what you do when you are open about it and confident enough to “say it how it is" with no make-up on. 

5.  What is your most inspirational quote that helps motivate your work?

 “Done is better than perfect” or “Get up. Kick Ass. Repeat." Cheesy, but it works. 

MV ASKS: What has been your favourite experience from being a #MVmodelmember?


MV was never just a pool of beautiful people. I’ve met so many extraordinary, talented, inspiring individuals that do incredible things. From music, to writing, from launching their own brands to opening coffee shops. I can say that MV is a community of "go-getters”, and I'm always excited to see where it will lead us all. 


Thankyou so much to the beautiful Yuliya, we hope her thoughts have inspired you guys also!