MV Babes at Maison Sassy Masterclass


This afternoon, the MV Babes took part in a masterclass by Maison Sassy cider under the beautiful June sunshine. Produced in Normandy, Sassy is a 100% natural, gluten-free cider with very few calories (less than 50 kcal for 15 cl). 

At iconic London roof terrace Madison and with a stunning backdrop of St Paul's Cathedral, Edith Macias (@edithmac5), Therese Fischer (@theresefischer), Isabella Cirnski (@bellacirnski), Ariana Diamantopoulous (@arianadiamant) and Maggie Petrova (@maggiepetrova) learned how to mix some of Sassy's most refreshing cocktails. 

Cocktail mixologist Anthony Bannier was there to first show the models how to mix the drink, before they took center stage and made their very own versions. The reward at the end was being able to taste their delicious creations, which were well needed as a cooling refreshment under the London summer sun. Cheers! 🍹🍏