How To Survive #LFW This Season

With #LondonFashionWeek shows only a week away we have put together a few top tips to give you the best industry insight to survive this season. Good luck to all those involved!


Top Tip #1. Beauty Sleep

Fashion Week is often a crazy time as you are sent a million and one castings alongside fittings and hopefully jobs. That's why it's important to keep on track with your level of sleep and make sure you have enough rest through out the week.

Sleep also plays an important role in your phsical health. It can help reduce stress levels for example, which may occur for models during the shows. A good night's sleep also helps your skin. When you're sleep-deprived, your body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can lead to increased inflammation in the body, hurting your skin's quality.

It's good to get about eight hours sleep a night. So try not to get too carried away with #LFW after parties and get your beauty rest! You don't want to be yawning during castings or on the catwalk!



Top Tip #2. Skincare

During the shows your skin will endure a variety of different products that may be both good and bad for your skin. It's your job to make sure your skin is healthy and well looked after before it is exposed to all that make-up!

It's a really good idea to bring make-up wipes around with you in your bag. These will be helpful during #LFW in case you can't find any backstage!

Why not also take advantage whilst you are surrounded by professional make-up artists to ask them for their top tips and best advice. This can really help broaden your knowledge of brands and help you further understand the makeup and skincare industry. The shows can also give you a chance to use high-end designer skincare brands that you may not have previously bought, but you now know are a good investment.

 Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill


Top Tip #3. The Best Bag

It's always great to be well prepared during the castings and the shows. So make sure you have a big enough bag that is fashionable and also practical during #LFW17.

You want a bag that is big enough to carry everything you need, without being too oversized. If your bag is too heavy this may become an issue when you are travelling around your castings and finding a place to put it backstage.

Backpacks are a great idea as they also help with your posture!


Top Tip #4. Useful Apps

Between the shows and castings you will be travelling around London a lot. So it's great to know how to get to your final destination and plan your trip either in advance or whilst you're on the go.

Look out for apps that have instant time tracking services, this helps you know exactly what route is best to take and know which tube lines are down or what buses are slow. Castings can always pop up last minute so it helps to be able to instantly adapt and change your schedule.

Your agency will love it if you know exactly how to get around the city, it shows you're reliable and good to recommend to any last minute castings or even jobs that may show up. Never turn down a last minute casting either, look on travel apps and work out how to manage your day effectively!

Here are some examples of good apps to download for London:


Citymapper is a must have for travel, it makes complex cities easy to use including London! The app allows you to keep updated with live line status and real-time disruption alerts. This included Bus, Tube, Ferry, Bike, Cars and more! Uber have even recently integrated within the app if you need to compare your ride with public transport.  It is free to download & you can even vote for your city to be added to Citymapper & help it expand.


Santander Cycles: (Boris Bikes)

The app helps you find the nearest docking station with available bikes. When you are done with your journey you can also find an empty bay to park your bike through the app. It doesn’t let you reserve a bike but there are lots of stations around London so if you are looking for a fitness alternative by travelling around castings on a bike, this could be a very helpful app! Hiring a bike for 24 hours starts at £2, so it's also a much cheaper alternative from the Tube!

414A6290-Edit copy.jpg

Tube Map London Underground:

The iconic London tube map helps you visually see how far away every tube stop is from each other. Plan your next tube experience on the app and you’ll also find live arrival and depature times, route planning and other helpful notifications. You can also find out what tube exits are easiest for you to use once at your destination.



Top tip #5.  Invest in a portable phone charger

Your phone becomes your best friend during LFW. Your agents need to be able to always contact you and you should always be able to contact them. You mostly have your schedule on your phone so need it for reference. You may also get changes to your schedule during the day so it’s good to have your phone charged in case it runs out of juice!

Take a look at some of these chargers to help you survive the season:

Apple’s Iphone Smart Battery case

Retail: £99.00

Available online at

  • The smart battery case is engineered to help provide longer battery life and protection.
  • We use it here at Model Village to help us keep our phones alive all day long.
  • It is also a great protection for the phone as a case itself and is clean and simple.
  • You can charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for over 20 hours extra of use.
  • It is the same connection as your iPhone charger already, so no need to worry about extra cables!

Poweradd Slim2

Amazon Retail: £8.99 + Free UK delivery

  • This simple portable charger has a compact design so is great to fit inside your bag.
  • It has an auto-detect to help detect your device & provide the fastest charging speed.
  • Add two charges to an iPhone 6 or 5s
  • It also works with Galaxy, Note 4 and other smartphones
  • Poweradd also provide a 24-month limited product warranty + 24/7 friendly customer support in case you need help!
Photo 19-08-2014 13 16 13.jpg


Top Tip #6. Be Organised

It is always good to have a back up of your phone. In case something happens in the technical world you will always have a physical back up!

We recommend models bring a small notepad and pen so you can quickly write anything down! This can also help you make notes on who people are and who you met during the shows or castings so you can remember next season!

If you discover special beauty or fashion brands during #LFW17 it’s a great idea to write these down so you can remember them for the future & research the products after the shows!

Watch this Youtube video by model Karri Nicholas to find out what she brings in her bag to castings!


Top Tip #7. Smile

Fashion week is a crazy, stressful time for both models and designers. One great way to stay remembered is by always being happy, helpful and to smile! Positive energy attracts positive people so even if you are tired try and be happy and you may find it pays off!



Top Tip #8. Stay hydrated

Always make sure to bring a bottle of water around with you during the castings, as lines can be long so it’s good to be prepared!

Why not try out Vita Coco Water? It gives you all these great benefits:

  • Hydrate naturally
  • Low in calories
  • Great taste
  • It contains potassium, magnesium, copper, cytokinins & antioxidants
02_Scene_184_Final_Punch copy.jpg


Top Tip #9. Bring a book or something to entertain yourself with!

During #LFW you will be extremely busy but sometimes looking for entertainment when you're waiting in line and backstage.

It's a good idea to catch up on your reading, play a mind game on your phone or some other beneficial educational tool that can help keep your brain running and alert.

Reading is also a great short term escape from the potential stress around you so bring a book to help entertain your mind and drift away until you need to next be alert!

Why not also use this waiting time to research about the client you are seeing. Visit their website, Instagram and other social media platforms to find out what they have been getting up to most recently. 



Top Tip #10. It’s all about the shoes!

During LFW your feet will become exhausted from all the running around and walking in heels.

It’s really good to have a comfy pair of shoes with you when you are walking around and then change into your heels, ready for the casting.

A great tip is also to carry around blister plasters with you, that way if your feet get damaged, you will not suffer from the pain. We all know how much blisters hurt and can ruin your day!


During #LFW17 Village Diaries will be posting regular advice on the blog to help you through this exciting, intense few days. Blog posts will also feature #MVTopTips to help you survive the season and learn all the best insider secrets! If you have any suggestions on blog topics or would love to know more, please feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Not sure what to expect for your first season? Check out our last blog post "How to Get Ready for Your Very First Casting"  and read more of our #MVTopTips to help you get started in the industry.

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