How to increase your Instagram followers? #MVtoptips

Today social media is a massive part of any model's fashion journey. Understanding the key tools and tips to help you increase your social media status online, can in turn help your career offline. Therefore it makes the best sense to take advtange of your social media platforms in the best ways to help gain more followers and get noticed!

Model Village understands this and so we want to offer our #MVbabes the best advice and #MVtoptips for how to build your online platform to further connect with brands and the fashion community.

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As the world of modelling and social media continues to combine, we want to help give the #mvbabes the best advice on how to get noticed online by the fashion community.

So how can you increase your social media status?


Step 1: Have a strong bio:


Even as a model it’s great to have a strong bio to tell the world who you are and who you are represented by. Maybe mention your agencies worldwide also to show how your feed is also international and interesting to stay updated with! You can even include a quote or caption about yourself to show your followers who you are and what your interested in.


Step 2: Be responsive:


Spread the love and show your followers you are interested in them also. Posting engaging content is just one piece of the puzzle. Engage with your followers by responding to questions, comments or complaints!

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Step 3: Tell stories:


Even though it is always interesting watching your modelling portfolio develop, why don’t you also use your platform to help tell a story also. Use your platform to help connect with followers, having an engaged platform will help you become a niche within the market and shows the power of your voice.


Step 4: Post original, relevant content:


Share your own pictures and portfolio work, everyone wants something exclusive so if you can provide that it’s a unique perspective your feed offers. Mixin’ it up keeps people interested in your life & shows you offer unique content they can’t get anywhere else.


Step 5: Connect with brands:


At Model Village we love to help provide #mvbabes with unique experiences and help models connect with campaigns. #MVmodelmembers are able to use our app to help increase their social media status and connect with brands to help bring out the best of your online audience.

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Step 6:  Credit people you work with:


Again it’s all about sharing the love. Credit the photographer, stylist, makeup artist and anyone else who helped bring your photos to life. People love to see organic feed and sharing the whole story helps show you are all about giving back to the fashion community and helping support those who support you.


Step 7: Timings:


It’s also always important to think more about the timings of your post. Think about what other people are doing: are they at work? At lunch? Or at home? The weekends are always great times to post with people more relaxed!


Step 8: Lighting:


Lighting is one of the most powerful tools you have that is a natural way to help bring out the best of your photos. So maybe rather than over-editing, think about using the right lighting, contrast and exposure. Natural posts are always more organic and inspiring for people to follow as they can connect with you more.


Step 9: Use relevant hashtags:


Especially when you are starting of its great to use hashtags as a way to help get your feed noticed online. Check online to discover other hashtags your friends use and see if the same ones will work for you. For example during #lfw17 check out the show’s hashtags and the online world around you to help bring your posts the best exposure!


Step 10: Be active:


It may sound silly, but staying active is key. You want your feed to be something that catches people’s daily or weekly attention. If you have an active, unique, organic feed people are sure to be interested in what you have to stay. Be careful not to be overly active, as you don’t want to over-post either. Find a balance that works for you and your followers.

At Model Village we strongly encourage the modelling community combining with the power of the tech world.  We believe that unlike traditional influencers, micro-influencers have a more modest number of followers, typically in the tens of thousands, but they boast hyper-engaged audiences. Our #MVmodelmembers are signed with the world’s leading model agencies so stay connected and get in touch with our latest campaigns to help bring our the best of your feed.


Join Model Village today to help bring out the best of your social media & connect with brands that inspire you.

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