How to get started in Modelling - written by a model #MVtoptips

We've all dreamed about becoming a Victoria Secret angel! But for now here our the #MVtop tips on how to get signed as a model!

As we often get asked a lot of questions by aspiring models how to get into the industry, today’s post is exactly all about that! At Model Village we want to help encourage girls to be represented by a professional, established agency that can help them get started! So today's post is focused on helping suggest some #MVtoptips written by model @vsavory5 to help advice inspiring models on how to get started!


1.     Check out the model agencies in your local city & create a list of the ones that interest you 🌎

This helps you get prepared and understand what agencies are right for you. Check out MODELS.COM & British Fashion Council & find out more from their database!

It’s an amazing experience to join a professional model agency so if you're in doubt on what ones to search for you can always double check their history on sites like these. Check out these websites if you want to know more about an agency or their history in connection with the fashion industry!

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2.     Call them to find out their walk in times ☎️🤝

Most agencies will offer open Walk Ins, this is when anyone interested in modelling can walk into an agency and apply to be a model. You can also apply online on most agency websites but showing face in person is always a great way to impress them & help be remembered!

3.     Don’t over stress about the process, be calm and be yourself! ☺️

Every agency is different and may be searching for a different look so keep an open mind and your hopes high!

4.     Have your heels ready and a makeup-free face 👠

The agencies want to see you for you, so don’t over do it on the makeup, simple is the best. Heels are always great to have also as they may even ask to see your walk if you are interested in doing catwalk shows! Plus they help elongate everything! 

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5.     Don’t worry if you haven’t got any professional pics - this all comes with time! 📷

This is such a big thing that a lot of girls get stressed about. Some photographers can charge hundreds of pounds for unprofessional test shoots that may not be the right way to represent you. If you're signed with an agency, they will take polaroids of you & get you ready for a test shoot! They are the experts so trust their advice & what they say!

6.     If you know your measurements that’s great! But again don’t worry if you don’t 👍🏻

I didn’t know mine and it wasn’t an issue!

7.     Be able to tell the agency when you're ready to start & where your home base is! 📆

It’s useful for the agency to know what your availability is & how easy it is for you to go to castings, tests, and future work.

8.     Wear something simple, clean & flattering! 🖤

You don’t need to go all out! Just enough to show who you are & highlight your amazing figure! My top tip would be to wear a pair of plain black jeans, and a simple top that has no logo or designer name on it and a sensible pair of heals! You want to look your best but also be appropriately dressed also!


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9.     Always follow up with an email! 💻

Its’ great to stay in contact even if the timing wasn’t right for you, always stay positive and keep in contact with the agency you visited! You never know what the future has in store! I would suggest maybe waiting 1-2 days before sending a follow up email! You don't want to look too keen- but you don't want to be forgotten either! 

10. Be professional, Be friendly 💕

It may sound silly but keeping a positive, friendly & professional image is a great way to make a first impression. You want to be able to connect with your agency, but also show that you respect them and the industry.

Hope this helps 💗 vsavory5

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You can also always contact us if you would like any more advice! We want to help encourage girls into the modelling industry & inspire those who follow them.


If you’re a #MVmodelmember please feel free to also comment any advice that you would give girls wanting to join the industry.


Model Village is all about building a model community with the #MVbabes in mind so any related topic you want to hear more about get in touch & hopefully we can help inspire you!

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