Why are brands using influencer marketing at Coachella 2018?

Each year, thousands visit California to attend the world-famous festival Coachella, which is held over two consecutive weekends every year in spring. The festival has been around since 1999 and features thousands of headline acts such as Beyonce, The Weekend, Eminem, Kygo and more. Coachella is one of the biggest US-based festivals and draws nearly 100,000 attendees from all over the world each day and has a prime millennial audience that is hugely active on social media and of key interests for brands.

Over the years Coachella has steadily evolved into a celebrated cultural festival of both music and fashion and has become a prime hotspot for brand activations, with over 137k posts featuring #Coachella2018 on Instagram from the festival's first weekend alone.


Fashion brands are seizing the chance to be a part of the festival conversation as Coachella provides Instagram-friendly opportunities for both small and large brands who want to physically connect with customers and boost sales.

This year Coachella 2018 is from 13-15th and 20-22th of April. Continue reading to find out why brands are flocking to Coachella, and how they are successfully marketing themselves by using the power of influencers.


1. To boost online sales and enhance SEO ratings 



The online clothing retailer Revolve has heavily invested in experience marketing since it was first founded in the early 2000s and has collaborated with Coachella on multiple occasions to create a mixture of Instagram-friendly moments for its brand ambassadors year-after-year. 

In 2017 the privately-owned company reported $1 Billion growth in sales and attributes this success in large part to the power of Instagram Influencers and their highly engaged network of models who attend their pop-ups events.

The results of the #RevolveFestival event at Coachella 2017 alone generated over 4.4 billion social impressions and was five times higher than the festival's underwriter H&M.

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For 2018 the e-commerce retailer created its own mini-festival complete with musical guests A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dog during Coachella's first weekend in April.

The #RevolveFestival guest list featured high-profile models such as Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk, Winnie Harlow and other influential fashion models who all shared moments from the event across social media. Revolve also partnered with various brands throughout the festival to maximise exposure, including Circoc Vodka, LoveWave suncream, Heineken, Bai drinks, Amaze Bowls and more.

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In an interview with Forbes post-Coachella 2018, Revolve's founder Micheal Mente explains why their brand is increasingly event-focused when it comes to marketing at events such as Coachella. Mente says that for modern fashion companies, events like Coachella have become the new fashion week for millennials.

"It's authentic, experiential; an environment where everyone is expected to have fun and push the envelope with their fashion choices."

So for millennial-focused brands such as Revolve and its partners, experience marketing such as the #RevolveFestival activation at Coachella 2018 prompts the continiumn growth of the company both online and during the event itself, allowing the consumer to personally connect with the brand and vice versa.

happiness is spending #revolvefestival with your bff πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

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2. To promote a fashion label away from fashion week at the largest fashion-focused festival

Fenty X Puma Pool Party

Rihanna made a splash at this year's Coachella as she showcased her latest line away from the runway at the festival during her own pool party event.

Rihanna didn't show during February's fashion month after she debuted her line at New York Fashion Week in Spring but kept with her racing theme for Coachella 2018. The pool party extravaganza even featured stunt drivers roaring through the venue as she showcased her swimwear focused line and rocked out the latest pieces. The collection resonated highly with the brand's strong millennial target demographic and created a memorable brand content occasion for consumers at the event and non-festival attendees as they discovered more online.

Rihanna's vibrant ensemble included a neon pink one-piece swimsuit with baggy trousers to define her effortlessly cool vibes and went viral on Instagram with minutes. There was even a mini-stall on location that sold the collection as enhanced by the high-profile guest list of industry influencers and model attendees.

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and French Montana to name a few were all at the event and promoted the line at the pool party across social media using bespoke Instagram Story GIF stickers which were curated for the event.

The Fenty X Puma event has already been featured in W Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, The Wrap, Vogue and other major fashion publications showing that fashion brands are now also able to gain as much exposure from experience marketing through events such as festivals than at fashion month.

Events such as Coachella present a prime marketing opportunity for brands such as Fenty X Puma with over 76% of festival attendees feeling favourably toward brands who sponsor musical events. So with Rihanna's musical and fashion-focused background, the influencer and beauty entrepreneur represents a huge desirable value amongst her millennial-focused consumers. Not only that, the price point of a general admission for a Coachella ticket ($429+) indicated that attendees were both guaranteed to be the ideal target audience for the line's demographic and targeted consumers who had the disposable income to spend during the event.

3. To promote major fashion collaborations & engage with a millennial-focused demographic

Moschino X H&M Collaboration Announced Via Gigi Hadid on Instagram Live

During Coachella 2018 Jeremy Scott enlisted Gigi Hadid to announce the latest fashion collaboration with Moschino X H&M via Instagram Live to share the news with her 39.3M followers, higher than the festival's attendees each day. 


The new partnership was revealed during Jeremy Scott's 11th annual Coachella party and received huge social media coverage with positive anticipation for the line across the fashion industry and was further enhanced due to the fact that H&M is the only official fashion brand partnered with Coachella.

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As a result, Jeremy Scott successfully capitalized on the media circus during the festival by utilising the models' highly engaged profile to create brand interest before the collection was even available in stores. 


The popularity of the collection was further amplified from a millennial perspective because the announcement confirmed that Scott's playful designs will be available to consumers at an affordable price thanks to H&M's high-street prices with Moschino's high-fashion pieces. The collection will range from Β£25 to Β£300 due out in stores and online Nov. 8 and will feature streetwear-inspired designs, one of which will be a silver sequinned parka dress, reports British Vogue

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