How to Nail your Killer Walk

One of the important aspects of every model's career is ensuring you have a great walk you can be remembered for. This can be the key to guaranteeing your spot for any job and making sure you leave the client with that WOW feeling to remember you by.

That's why today's post is all about providing you with the best advice to help you nail your killer walk and making sure you have all the right gear to impress clients, especially during those all-important London Fashion Week castings!

Getting the gear

Every girl loves shoes, right? A good pair of heels can make all the difference to a model's walk and help impress casting directors. If you have a strong walk this can often blossom your career and help you get booked for all the popular shows. So it will definitely pay-off to have a good pair of heels to help you impress any client. Choose carefully!

Keep your shoes clean

You don’t want to tarnish your image by having worn or dirty heels, so make sure to look after them by keeping them in their own bag within your backpack. This helps keep any dust away and helps you keep extra organised.

Wedges are a no-no

Although you may feel comfortable walking in them, they are not the best choice to wear to castings. Platforms, stilettos or healed sandals are the best option!

Switch it up

Another good tip is to have more than one pair of heels at home that you can change around with. This helps you not get overconfident in one pair of shoes, which prepares you for anything designers may give you to walk in.

Our pick

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Once in the casting, a model will always get away a bit better wearing a black court shoe. To a certain extent, the clients do need a blank canvas to see the girl walking, and a model needs to show that she can walk in heels, so wedges aren't the best option.

-James Wood, Select Models Booker


Practice makes perfect

Whichever heels you choose, always practice walking in them at home before a casting. A good pair will hugely help with your posture and make your walk confident, increasing your chances of getting booked!


Maintaining a strong balance will help you feel in control once the casting comes around and the more you walk in your heels, the better your walk will get! 


Confidence is the key to making others believe you have what it takes. If you believe in yourself then this will have a huge impact on your walk, your posture, you facial expressions, everything! The best thing to gain some confidence is by relaxing and keeping yourself calm. If you are stressed this will have a knock-on effect and display a poor sense of self esteem to the client. Also look out for compliments, if the designers love you then listen and respect them, it's always good to make sure you listen and respect any positive feedback you are given.


Always stand straight to nail your walk! Try this - imagine being pulled from the sky by puppet strings, so that your shoulders are in complete alignment with the floor beneath you. Bring your shoulders back, never forward and never hunch your walk. Ballet is a great help for walking straight as it teaches you to elongate your body. Karlie Kloss knows a thing or two about this, being a keen dancer herself. Yoga is also great to help with your posture.

Watch the video bellow to see supermodel Karlie Kloss show off her best runway tips.

During the casting

Keep your feet comfortable before

A good model tip is to keep your heels in your bag. That way, when you are running around castings you can wear a pair of trainers or other shoes that you are comfortable in. This will help protect your feet from blisters during the day and keep your walk strong. You don't want to be stuttering from painful feet when trying to impress your casting director!

Always be prepared

It’s also good to know that even if you are not told to bring heels, having them ready just in case shows you are organised and ready for anything the designer needs. Make sure not to assume that just because it isn't a show casting you won't need heels.

Inspire yourself from others

Once you are at the casting, take advantage of seeing other models strut in their heels and improve your walk some more. Watch the client's reaction to models walking before you and try to anticipate what they like and don't like. The most valuable feedback will come from the client, so be sure to take it on board and use it for any future castings you have.


I will always bring heels to castings!

-Liu Wen

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On the catwalk

First of all - well done for getting the show! This can be a crazy experience with lots going on backstage and on the catwalk but if you're worried, always ask someone what you're supposed to be doing and where you're supposed to be.

Listen to the designer

Most designers or clients tend to do a walkthrough with you before the show starts. This is where they will explain which style of walk they may want you to do, how the finale will look and other details such as timings with music and how to work with the clothes. Think of this as a run-through to help give you a chance to know what to expect and help you nail your walk just before the doors open. Every show will be unique, so make sure you listen carefully during this time and watch other models around you.

Find your point of focus

Find where you are comfortable looking at - usually straight ahead, where the photographers are. Keep your head held high, focus on something you deem stable and as a general rule, don't look at the audience! Remember the catwalk's aim is all about getting that stunning picture of the outfit - keep that in mind. But again, listen to what the designer's instructions are if he has some. 

What if you fall?

The client will give you advice on what to do if you or a fellow model falls over, how fast to walk or get up and tips for your facial expression. Remember, always be graceful and it is not the end of the world! 


Hope you enjoy these #MVTopTips and good luck in your castings! 💋

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