MV Babes' Favourite Supermodel Poses - Selfie Edition

What makes a perfect selfie? In our most recent Instagram Poll, we asked our #MVBabes which was your favourite pose as seen by supermodels Gigi Hadid, Romee Strijd, Winnie Harlow and Kaia Gerber! These models are the queens of social media, with a combined worldwide fanbase of over 47.9M followers - it's safe to say they all know how to nail the perfect selfie! A selfie helps capture your portrait from a personal perspective, so take inspiration from these great poses and get to your #SelfieGame on point 🤳🏽.


b&W or Colour?

IMG_5654 2.JPG

The choice of filter is everything in a selfie, depending on the effect you are looking for. Black and white is great for a toned-down or reminiscent look, whilst a coloured picture will bring out things such as light, your eyes and will of course make any colour pop. Gigi's B&W vs Colour pose shows that it's good to have a mixture of natural and colourful selfies ready to go. 


Overall, Gigi's colour selfie was the winner with 63% of votes vs 37%. 


serious or smile?

IMG_5651 2.JPG

Selfies come in a range of different looks, from sultry to smiley. Rocking that gameface shows you are ready for business as shown by supermodel Romee, whereas a full-on smile will give out a glowing look. The choice of pose can say a lot about what your mood is that day and can give off a range of different vibes. Just be true to your inner aura! 


Romee's happy pose won with 64%, while the serious face got 36%. 


Makeup or Nude?

IMG_5650 2.JPG

Winnie Harlow celebrates her beautiful skin in many ways, including with and without makeup for a nude look. Did you get our play on the word nude here? 😜 Here, Winnie's nude selfie leaves her bearing all compared to her gorgeous makeup and iconic red lip. The nude selfie is an awesome, yet sometimes risky way to reveal your awesome body. Remember nude is an art, just like your body. So if you are thinking of posting a similar styled selfie, think about what sort of message you want to portray. Think like Winnie. Be inspirational!


Winnie's nude selfie proved to be more popular with 52% of votes.




Being the new supermodel on the block, Kaia Gerber is all about getting her selfies on point. Before those front cameras existed, we all knew how to rock the mirror selfie. Some still continue to today, as they offer a fuller view of what you are wearing (or in Kaia's case, not!). Front camera selfies are great for close ups and showing off any details in your makeup!


Kaia's portrait selfie was the #MVBabes' favourite, getting 67% of votes.


We hope this inspiration will help  you nail your next selfie! Find out what skincare secrets supermodels recommend in our previous blog post here.  ❣️