Elite Models booker Calais Goord shares her top tips for fashion models

Model Village is always on the lookout to gather the best advice from the industry's most knowledgeable experts to help you grow your modelling career! In this blog post, Elite booker Calais Goord shares her insider tips to help inspire models who are yet to be discovered and provide valued words of wisdom to #MVModelMembers including tips on managing social media. Continue reading to find out what Calais suggests to help motivate and inspire your career.

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MV asks: What 3 things do you look for when scouting a new model?


When scouting new talent, these are 3 things I look for:

  1. Height – boys (6’0 minimum) and girls (5’8 minimum)

  2. Someone who stands out from the crowd – striking/unique features (big natural lips, big eyes, bone structure etc) usually it will be something they are self-conscious about. As well as a classic beauty with something different.
  3. Young faces – Girls and boys typically between the ages of 15 to 22 years old who we can develop and build their modelling careers

MV asks: Especially for Fashion Week, what style tips would you suggest for models?


During Fashion Week, models get ‘Street Style’ shots taken by street photographers between shows. This is a chance for them to stand out and show a bit of their personality. That’s not saying to wear something outrageous. What I mean is a statement piece like bold trousers or a bold accessory. 

However, when it comes to castings keep it simple. The casting director wants to see your face and body shape. Something as simple as a dark shirt (no big logos), dark trousers/jeans and a leather jacket is always a good go to (especially for new faces and if you’re meeting the casting director for the first time).  

MV asks: In the age of social media, how common is it that models are now discovered on platforms like Instagram?


I’ve known scouts to solely use social media platforms to find new talent, agencies don’t do this so much. Although I’m not saying we don’t.

However, you have to be very careful because there are a lot of non-reputable people who claim to work for legitimate agencies. My advice if someone reaches out to you on any social media platform in the interest of representing you, call the agency they claim to be from or if it’s a freelance scout, call a reputable agency from the city they claim to be from and ask if they know of this person.

There have been a few success stories such as Matthew Noszka who was found on Instagram by his mother agency (Women 360 in New York) and now also represented by us at Elite London.

In my opinion, I don’t believe scouting through social media platforms will replace the old school way of scouting a potential model. There are so many apps you can use now to edit images and perceive yourself to look completely different to what you look like in person. Therefore, whether you are a scout, agent, casting director, designer etc.. you can’t rely on social media to find or book new talent.


MV asks: What advice would you give a new face starting their first show season in 2018?


If it’s your first show season and you’re feeling nervous (which is normal) talk to your agent about your concerns. We will go through your walk, let you know what to expect at a casting, check you’re looking presentable to meet the casting directors etc.. 

Communication between you and your agent (as always but especially during fashion week), is so important. Always be contactable and ready to go somewhere last minute. We have to work as a team!    

Walking down a catwalk isn’t the same as how you walk down the street so practice, practice, practice is the key.

Casting directors are now looking for more than just a ‘pretty face’, they also look for someone with personality and will be likely to ask you about interests or hobbies outside of modelling. You never know this could be the deciding factor which gets you the job over one of the other models!

It's human nature to listen to what everyone is saying around you or get immersed in what you see on social media but listen to your agency. That’s why you chose them to represent you.

MV asks:  How important is social media for models promoting their portfolio?


When a client is looking to book a model, social media is one of the first places they will look (sometimes before the model's agency portfolio). It shows what clients, photographers and stylists they have shot with, a little bit of their personality, interests and social following. You will probably see now that agencies will link their social media handles to the model’s portfolio. Although there are many benefits of this such as being able to get a better idea of the model they will potentially be working with, there are also downsides.

It happens more in the US market but clients won’t want to see a model unless they have a certain amount of followings. This can rule out a great brand new face that if they’d have just met him/her would have been perfect for the job.

A massive thanks to Calais for sharing her advice, we hope this helps inspire our #MVModelMembers! Follow her profile on Instagram here. Also discover her model blog here and discover daily advice focused around the modelling community and quick fire questions with inspiring models. 

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