6 Crucial Components To Help You Build A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

67% of marketers now believe that Influencer Marketing provides a valued strategy to reach a more targeted demographic. Therefore it is increasingly important to not only understand the value of Micro-Influencers, but to also know how to gain the best return on your campaign. Take a look at these 6 crucial components we think you should consider whenever building your campaign and see the right results that suit your brand! 

1. Identify the right Influencer's for your brand

Begin with a simple objective, think about what influencers will suit your campaign. Influencers fall into several different categories and offer various results. For example, if your objective is engagement and not just reach, Micro-Influencers are perfect for your campaign's targeting.

Micro-Influencers offer maximum benefit despite having a smaller audience, compared to celebrities. Micro-influencers create beautiful content that they want to share on their profiles and maintain valued credibility from their followers. Micro-influencers such as models also offer constant engagement with valued industry interest. They are cost-effective and enable you to work with a mixture of models so you can see what profiles work best for you and your brand's identity, as opposed to risking it all on one celebrity! 


2. Think about the model's interests

Social media has enabled models to personally publish their work and are now brands themselves, which is why they value which brands they connect with as they want to actively engage with their followers and help boost their career. Therefore from a brand perspective it's vital you research your selected model's interests, see what they engage with and how your brand can organically connect with their profile. 

Scroll through your own personal profile and see who influences you, this will help inspire you to know who to work with and what content will and won't work for your campaign!


3. Define your goals and shape your strategy

After working out which influencers you want to connect with, consider which goals you want to achieve through them. Think about goals such as: are you looking for daily active stories on Instagram, published posts or brand ambassadors? Are you wanting to target a local or foreign market?

Remember also that one size doesn't always fit all, and connecting with micro-influencers enables you to connect with multiple audiences with similar interests that work for your brand's identity, as opposed to a mass market campaign with macro-influencers who also have a mass mix of followers.

4. Look for long-term partnerships

Celebrities have been promoting products for a long time, but they also change and intertwine with hundreds of brands based on whichever pays the most. Micro-influencers maintain a more personal connection with brands and truly value the products they work with. So when building your social media strategy, consider the long term value of micro-influencers which will bring more than just a one-off endorsement.


5. Measure your results

The reason for the success of influencer marketing is mainly due to the trust installed by influencers in the minds of their followers. So now you've set up your campaign and maintained this trust, it's essential you measure the campaign's KPIs (key performance indicators) to see what has worked and what you can learn from. 3 ways of measuring your ROI include; reach, engagement and impressions. These metrics help you define your original goals and see what models you may want to work with in the future. It can be time-consuming to measure your results in real time but these metrics provide valued information that is specifically tailored to your campaign. 

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6. Stay connected

Now you've seen the results, you know which exact models work for your brand. So keep these bonds strong and stay connected with the models. You can sample products or even offer them exclusive privileges to show you value their profile. Keeping in touch even just with one model also enables you to discover other models who they also interact with that may work for your next campaign. As the fashion industry changes, so does the modelling world and you never know who may be available next to help build your future campaign.

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