5 Inspiring models that use social media to make a difference 🌍

They use their popularity online to defend their causes and send positive vibes to those in need.  Meet our top 5 favourite model activists proving that they’re more than just a pretty face.


1. Dilone

With over 76.1K followers Dilone was everyone’s favourite breakout model of 2016. She however has been using her social media platform to help promote herself not as a model, but as a passionate volunteer.

She’s engaged with the Hispanic Community and helping out whenever she can! Dilone helps show us that even if you can’t donate money, you can offer just a little bit of your time to help make a difference.

We think she rocks the volunteer outfits & we love her even more. Well-done girl.

Check her out here at the Salvation Army US soup kitchen.

2. Hanne Gaby Odiele

The Belgian model has long been adored by the fashion community, however she also has a huge passion for helping promote a different image on her instagram. She shares her honest and fearless campaign work around intersexuality.

She partnered up with Interact and via and interview in Vogue, she has started to help shine a light on the scarily commonplace FGM methods that have been endured by so many intersex people.

Reading her medical story Odiele has done an amazing job at trying to show people it’s okay to be different, and above all talk to people who you love for advice.

“It was important for me to make this declaration now, based on where I am in my life. I want to live authentically as who I am and help to break down the stigma that intersex persons face—but also to use the profile that I’ve built through modeling to give back to those without a voice.”

Her story and strength of self is amazing and shows others you can be accepted however you are born! 

3.  Adwoa Aboah

Everyone loves Adwoa Aboah and her amazingly cool style. London loves her and we definitely do- especially understanding more about how she uses her social media to help talk about mental health on a daily basis.

She founded Gurls Talk, a web hub devoted to hosting and supporting female-focused dialogue.

She has also helped out Anxiety and Art, Chronic Illness vs Teen Independence, and a Q&A on plastic surgery with Lykke Li.

“I've been lucky enough to have been given a platform through modeling, so now I can use it as an activist.”

Helping to promote and directly focus her attention to specific issues shows just how inspiring the model is and how she best uses the power of social media.

4. Charli Howard

Another amazing British model activist Charlie is a body-positive activist. Since her agency dropped her back in 2015 for being “too curvacueous” she has responded with an amazing letter that ended up going viral!

She is the co-founder of the All Women Project which aims to help:

“better the life of girls and women worldwide by displaying a true, beautiful, positive and un-retouched image of women in photo and video campaigns throughout the year."

She advices girls that even though It may be different for everyone

“you have to surround yourself with good people.”

We love getting inspired by the quotes and articles these model activists promote. It’s always important to believe in yourself and really understand the power of influence you guys can benefit from using your platform.

5. Leomie Anderson

Dropping tonight 6pm UK time on lappthebrand.com/shop 💞#lappthebrand #LAPPGANG

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"I want to represent more than just a pretty face and I want to show that I can speak up about issues."

As we look towards #lfw17 we can also look towards focusing our social media platforms on raising awareness alongside the runway.

This is exactly what Leomi Anderson does.

In 2016 the British Model founded LAPP. The Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose, a collection of clothing stemming from Anderson’s powerful stance on women’s issues.

Leomie talked to Elle about how she believes the fashion and politics industry should be more combined. 

Even Rihanna has been spotted wearing the #LAPP “This Pu**y Grabs Back," sweatshirt to New York's Women's March.” Showing how the fashion community is truly wanting to help support each other and the charities they work for.

If you’re an #MVmodelmember and help support causes, or even have set up a charity yourself, get in touch and we would love to help use our platform to promote your voice and inspire our readers.

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