5 Secret London Locations to get that epic Instagram Shot

London has so many amazing spots for Instagram and photography inspiration, so it's hard to find a unique perspective of the city that no one has thought of before to help enhance your feed. Continue reading to discover 5 beautiful locations we think you will love and why these gems will be the perfect find for your feed!

1.Liberty's flower stand

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Why you should go:

Liberty is a department store on Great Marlborough street in the west end of London. It sells luxury goods including women and men's fashion amongst a large range of cosmetics, jewellery and accessories. What catches our eyes are not just the clothes, but the gorgeous flower stand which invites you into the store. Situated just outside the store the flowers are a great backdrop for a natural enhancement of colour for your feed! We even ventured there ourselves and took this beautiful image to show you ourselves, with no filter needed!

2. Carnaby Street, especially at night!

Why you should go:

Stroll down the quaint alleyways of Soho and Carnaby street in the evenings to see for yourselves just how magnificent the classically English cobbles transform amongst the lights. The shopping streets have an awesome style with their iconic seasonal street decorations helping you get the perfect picture all year round!

3. One New Change

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Why you should go:

Located in Southwark, One Exchange is a  true reflection of modernity and presents an amazing array of photographic opportunities against the backdrops of some of London's best skyscrapers. In case you didn't know, One Exchange is a major office and retail development and is the only large shopping centre in the City of London! So why not discover this eye-catching location for yourselves and capture an exciting, dynamic image to truly engage your audience.

4. Peggy Porchen Cakes

🌼 Ik CAKE ernaar 🌼 #Birthday #Cake #Londonstrolls 🍰

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Why you should go:

Renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant designs that are not only visually stunning but taste delicious, Peggy's cakes are a growingly popular location in London. With a fun, creative interrior the decor and food will definitely entice you in! They have even catered for some of the world's most popular SuperModel's such as for Kate Moss wedding! Go and try them today for yourself as your feed will explode with colour as the cupcakes will melt in your mouth with there scrumptious flavours!  

5. Elan Cafe

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Why you should go:

Recently opened in Mayfair, Elan offer beautiful, pure and simple natural food and coffee. They believe that what you put onto your skin should be as good as what you put into your body, which is a pretty good philosophy to have! Using a minimum-waste system, they even recycle coffee by-products into an earth-friendly range of scrubs and masks for face, body and hair! Helping you both feel and look extra good!