5 Fashion Films you need to watch

As described by Vogue "A great fashion film has the power to spark fantasy and confirm career aspirations." Fashion films provide models with an ideal insight into the history of established fashion houses, so you can understand how they got to where they are today, how designers discover new faces and the struggles some designers faced when building their current fashion empires.

So as a model is there a better way to spend just a few hours of your weekend as you boost your industry knowledge and wow your next casting director? 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's


This Oscar-winning 1961 film has become a classic in Fashion history, redefining every woman's outfit inspiration. This is because Audrey Hepburn is one of the main reasons why the 'little black dress' has become such a staple in every woman's wardrobe around the world today. The dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy and worn by Audrey in the opening of the film.

From the moment that Audrey steps out of the yellow cab and stares stargazed into Tiffany & Co’s store window, this gorgeous scene instantly inspired the world's love of the international jewellery brand and the elegance of a simple yet beautiful little black dress.

Givenchy himself recently died at the age of 91 in March 2018 but has truly made fashion history on multiple occasions including this iconic tribute. The popularity of the film has steadily increased over the years and has been described as one of the most fondly remembered films in fashion and Hollywood history.


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Dior and I brings you inside the wondered world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of  Raf Simons' debut for Dior and how he built his collection in only 8 weeks!

The Independent described the movie as 'a piece of superb filming that opens a rare window into a hidden world' and is highly rated across the fashion industry.

This iconic fashion film is ideal for models who want to learn more about the process of a designer's mindset, how they become inspired and how they find models that carefully fit each piece, so you can truly understand how to connect with stylists and luxury brands today.


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3. Coco Before Chanel


Coco Before Chanel is a 2009 film that tells the tale of the original grande dame of the Parisian haute couture fashion house - Coco Chanel.

The film portrays the designer before she built her fashion empire and how she started as a seamstress by day and a cabaret entertainer by night. The film's unsentimental approach documents the truth behind Chanel's early years so you can really understand the foundations of her career and the struggles she had from critiques early on. Coco is played by Audrey Tautou and is a headstrong orphan who embodies the modern woman in the timeless classic and shows that by being yourself and believing in your passions, nothing can stop you and that it is only you who can define who you are.

This movie is a great watch for models who may not know the foundations of Chanel's history and how this Parisian designer has become one of today's biggest names in haute couture. 


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The September issue is a 2009 American documentary film which brings you behind-the-scenes in the iconic lifestyle of Vogue's Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour as she builds the production of the September 2007 issue of American Vogue.

Vogue's September issue is traditionally the biggest selling, most important issue of the year because it is considered to be the time when the seasons change as fashion shifts from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter.

The film features many notable fashion icons who are influential in the fashion industry including John Galliano, Oscar de la Renta, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld and more. The film also features many well-known fashion models such as Coco Rocha, Lily Cole and Chanel Iman. Because of the film itself, the September 2007 issue of American Vogue also became one of the most sought-after issues ever in fashion history but is actually not the biggest Vogue issue, as it is still beaten by 96 pages from the September 2012 issue.

Check out Vogue's September archives here and watch the movie to discover how the world's Fashion Bible has become a groundbreaking staple in both fashion and publishing history. 


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Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 16.53.45.png

The Devil Wears Prada follows Andy, who is played by Anne Hathaway and her journey into the fashion world as a recent college graduate in New York City. She lands her first job at the prestigious Runway Magazine and finds herself the assistant to editor Miranda Priestly who is played by Meryl Streep.

Lauren Weisberger who wrote the iconic fashion film was actually a personal assistant herself and drove her own personal experiences into the movie to show the real dedication and work that happens behind the scenes of each issue of a fashion magazine.

This iconic fashion film is a must-watch for anyone in the fashion industry and was even adapted into a musical in 2015. Elton John produced the stage music for the Broadway hit following his previously composed smash-hit productions: The Lion King and Billy Elliot. There are even rumours that the story will be continued in a second movie following the journey of Miranda's second assistant Emily Charlton who is played by Emily Blunt in the film and was the original 'first assistant' to Meryl Streep.

Keep a lookout in June 2018 for the next instalment of The Devils Wear Prada which is coming 12 years after the film's debut.  


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