The pose is what makes a model. The right pose can lift a photograph into the

realm of art and serve to inspire creators from illustrators, to directors and

sculptors alike. The pose is a transformative art that no one understands

better than a model, and no model in recent memory has conquered the pose

quite like Coco Rocha. The lithe Canadian beauty can express a multitude of

emotions with a simple shift in expression. She can twist her body into shapes

worthy of the best yogis and move with a gymnasts ease. Posing is Rocha’s

area of expertise and everyone from Meisel and McDean to Lagerfeld and

Gaultier have sung her praises when it comes to this specialized skill.

Given her gift for expression it comes as no surprise that Rocha’s first book is

an expansive tribute to posing in all its shapes and forms – 1000 forms to be


In collaboration with photographer, Steven Sebring, Coco has created

a unique tome, Study of Pose that has to be seen to be believed. With

incredible flexibility and her innate skill in front of the camera Coco shows off

a series of poses ranging from classic to contortionist. Shot in glossy black

and white and using a 360 degree camera, the dynamic images do more than

inspire the fashion faithful, they provide an showcase for the beauty and

versatility of the body.

Photos Steven Sebring Interview by Janelle Okwodu