Tone Tuesday: 30 minute work out for your busy schedule

With busy schedules it is hard to find time to get in a proper work out. What if you could find an effective work out that takes just 30 minutes?


Fit Day has the exact thing you are looking for.

Here is the 30-minute break down:


Minute 0 to 5: Spend just a few minutes stretching out the muscles that you are going to work. You have already warmed up your legs by jogging, so stretch the rest of your body. Stretch your back muscles, your chest muscles, your arm muscles, and your shoulders. Just do simple stretches that will get the muscles warm, and get ready to work.


Minute 6 to 15: Do a quick circuit of nine exercises, with just 10 to 15 seconds of rest between each exercise. It should take you less than a minute to do each of the following exercises:


    Bench press

    Pull downs


    Military presses

    Bent over rows


    Overhead dumbbell extensions

    Bicep curls

    Leg extensions or leg curls


Important: Do each of these exercises with proper form, and remember:


    4 to 6 reps: Build strength and size

    12 to 15 reps: General fitness

    20 to 25 reps: Fat burning and muscle endurance


Minute 16 to 25: Once you have completed this circuit, do it all over again from start to finish.


Minute 26 to 30: Do exercises to tone your core muscles, such as:



    Leg raises


    Oblique crunches


    Static Plank