Photography Inspiration: Street Artist Above

With unpredictable weather conditions and improvised workspaces, street art isn't that easy to do. In fact, it's extremely difficult, and that's precisely why these artists deserve so much respect. All of them have different styles and approaches, but they all share one thing in common - their art has left us with a lasting impression. In this post, we pay tribute to these incredibly talented artists. Regarding the piece featured, Above says: “When I was in Lisbon, Portugal three months ago, I would walk by this homeless lady who was begging for money everyday. I found it sadly ironic that just six feet away there was an ATM machine where people were literally lining up to withdraw money. With an obvious visual clash of 'Rich' and 'Poor' being in such a close proximity evoked me to make this stencil, 'Stealing from the Rich, and Giving to the Poor.”