Photography Inspiration: NADIA LEE COHEN

Intensive narratives by Photographer Nadia Lee Cohen


The 23-year-old photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is a step back into the glamour and cinematic glory of Hollywood. Cohen graduated from London College of fashion. She explains that she is inspired by Hitchcock, Tarantino, lynch, and Kubrick whose images are a kaleidoscope of colour, tension, and visual narratives. Each photograph uncovers a character paused in action, as if stuck in a dramatic sequence or even ordinarily daily routines but with a Hollywood / outlandish twist that provokes the viewer to be inspired by real life events in a way that is extremely radical and unrealistic. Her inspiring take on reality has lit a spark in the artistic world.


Cohen was recently featured in Aesthetica magazine (pgs. 38-47).


Check out more of Cohen’s work: