Photograph Inspiration – ELLIOTT ERWITT

Elliott Erwitt is widely known as an advertising and documentary, black and white photographer. He had a knack for shooting ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings. His photojournalistic approach gave him the opportunity to catch many comedic, candid moments that have now become iconic. One of his best-known images is the 1946 “Dog” photo shot in New York City, which simply depicts a Chihuahua wearing a sweater next to a woman’s feet. While working for magazines like LIFE, Collier’s, Look, and Holiday he became one of the original “street photographers”. Along with shooting the everyday and the mundane, Erwitt also photographed many famous subjects including Marilyn Monroe, Fidel Castro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more. In a recent interview given for his Lifetime Achievement award he stated, “I’m an amateur photographer, apart from being a professional one, and I think maybe my amateur pictures are the better ones.”


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