To say fashion draws inspiration from dance is an understatement. Movies may

excite, music can captivate, but the power of dance is almost visceral. Photographers,

designers and editors have long looked to the work of Legnani or Nureyev when in

search of inspiration and today’s stars from Benjamin Millepied to Misty Copeland

wield influence from the pages of Vogue to the runways of Paris.

Though they seem dissimilar on the surface the worlds of dance and modeling are

often intertwined. Both disciplines require an understanding of movement, grace and

the power of the body to transcend its limitations. Many of the greatest models began

their careers in dance and their formative experiences have influenced their entire

careers – would Naomi Campbell or Karlie Kloss be as dynamic on the runway

without their ballet training?

Photographers Alex & Iggy capture two rising stars whose careers encapsulate the

union of fashion and dance for this special Models.com editorial. Classically trained

catwalkers Gillian Deery and James Lasky represent the best of both worlds – skilled

dancers who have translated their talents into careers in front of the camera. Their

exquisite poses showcase the beauty of dance in all its serene power.

Photographers : ALEX & IGGY

Stylist: Ise White

Hair: Pamela Baumgartner

Makeup: Legend Rivera / Artists @ Wilhelmina

Studio: Artists Studio NYC

Janelle Okwodu / Fashion Editor __Kegan Webb / Producer MODELS __Gillian Deery /

Marilyn Agency NY __James Lasky / Click NY Gillian interview by Janelle

Okwodu __James interview by Jonathan Shia