Grey skies are gonna clear up – put on a happy face!

Clouds were floating above the audience at Marc Jacobs last night, but rest assured that

no one was going to rain on Marc’s parade! In the months since stepping down from is

Vuitton post to focus on his eponymous line Marc Jacobs has been hard at work, gearing

up for taking his company public and crafting a cheerful fall collection that captured a

mood of urban zen. Waleska Gorczevski sauntered down the MJ runway in a simple

cream colored column that continued the season’s love affair with color blocking, but did

so in a manner that was almost sporty. Several pieces followed that were equally

uncomplicated, adorned only by unusual metallic booties and dainty chain link purses.

Versatility is one of Jacobs’ strengths and you never quite know what to expect from his

collections, but when a designer known for his bravado chooses a stripped down theme

the result can seem slightly uneventful. Jacobs avoided falling into that trap by adding in

an array of snappy surprises that kept editors on their toes. A segment of modish tunics

accented with thigh high flat boots, chunky furs dyed in ombre hues of lilac and coral,

trippy mosaic dresses covered in intricate beading, head to toe transparent ruffles –

countless divisive elements combined in a way that was seamless. With the pale color

palette serving as a uniting factor Jacobs was able to work in a wide variety of


Of course, the clothes weren’t the only thing that got people talking. Once again Stefan

Beckman delivered an esoteric set that tied in perfectly with the look and feel of the

collection. Kendall Jenner’s runway debut set tongues wagging, as did the one of a kind

soundtrack featuring a whispering Jessica Lange. In a week dominated by big moments,

Marc had the biggest simply by putting a great message forward – happy days are here

again indeed!

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014

Review by Janelle Okwodu Photos by Hao Zeng for