Most new magazines wear their mastheads like a badge of honor, so we were certainly intrigued when the team behind this new very limited edition print title presented us their blacked out masthead. The brand new title shrouds itself in mystery right from the onset, but even without knowing the team behind this magazine the visual power is evident. With evocative shots of Catherine McNeil, Suvi Kopponen, Frida Gustavsson, Kirsten Owen and Guinevere van Seenus to draw readers in, and contributions from Cindy Sherman this is one title that seems destined to impress the fashion obsessed – if they can get their hands on it – as only one thousand copies will be distributed. With a one-time print run available (for free) only at tastemaking venues like Dashwood books and MOMA’s PS1, No Name manages that rarest of fashionable qualities – exclusivity.