After the British Choice awards we figured it was about time to shed some light and pay some respect to the new style icon of the industry .. Tahliah Debrett Barnett better know as her stage name FKA Twigs. 

A british native with backgrounds in Jamaica, Spain, gymnastics, jazz, and interpretive dance it is no wonder her way and appeal has swept the nation. FKA Twigs has not only impressed with her adorable large almond eyes and little pouted lips but the way that she has transformed the idea of ideal beauty and mixed it with a new out of touch stylized archaic madness is more than we could even desire. Her way is intriguing, she not only is showing and proving her authenticity but she is bringing a new beauty ideal of originality. Take a look at some of her shoots that she has done recently and you be the judge of just how inspiring this new star is for all of us. We love her, and are more than please to call her one of our style icons. Thank you for the aspect of origional style and spirit to an industry of so much consistency.