Fine Lines

The so-called "invisible liner" is the beauty insider's go-to technique. If you make one beauty change for this year… says Kelly Gilbert in Vogue's January 2014 issue.


I've become fixated with the practice of adding an ultra-fine line of eyeliner along the upper lashes. I never knew it existed and suddenly, now, I'm seeing it everywhere. You know when Angelina Jolie is described as "make-up free" while undertaking charity work in Africa? Or show upon catwalk show where the look is "no-make-up make-up" (so prevalent for the coming spring/summer season)? The invisible line is in attendance. "Oh yes, the invisible liner trick. Not often talked about, but by God it's a good one," nods make-up artist Linda Cantello. "It isn't a fashion thing but it endures because it works fantastically."

I tried it and became hooked; it has a natural, beautifying effect that is very hard to argue with. Just a millimetre-thin trail along the top lash line, drawn right down against the roots, frames the eyes and gives the illusion of lusher, more prolific lashes - without the need for multiple coats of mascara.

If you're a dab hand at drawing in a thicker, more feline eyeliner, then simply keep the nib closer to lashes. If you're a novice, begin by stippling the eyeliner in between lashes to form a continuous line. Simpler still, try Clarins's 3-Dot Liner pen; launched 18 months ago as a limited edition, it has been such a success the brand brought it into the main collection.

The three little prongs can be pushed into lash roots (try pulling your lashes up and applying from underneath), so you don't even need the wherewithal to draw a continuous line - just a series of tiny emboldening dots.