Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2013

Francisco Costa’s military minded collection for fall/winter marked an exciting new phase in the line’s development. The Calvin Klein Collection look has always been about modern interpretations of minimalism and depending on the season, that can mean anything from strict severity, to free-spirited elegance. This time around Costa explored ideas about strength and power via shapely outwear, glossy black boots and a rich palette of inky shades that looked sharp on the sophisticated cast. Somewhere in the mix there was a Andrey Tarkovskiy reference – Costa found an unlkely source of inspiration in the film ‘Ivan’s Childhood’ but the majority of looks seemed to hark back to the days of Calvin himself.

Take those oversized gold embellished belts that were worn with nearly every outfit, or the subtly detailed coats with just a hint of patent to keep things interesting – both ideas work today, just as well as they would have 30 years ago. Even the more experimental elements like cutout leather dresses, or cropped tube tops worn with voluminous ankle pants, have an air of timelessness that makes them feel necessary. If there is one thing Calvin has mastered it is the creation of items that remain essential long past their runway debuts.

Designer: Francisco Costa
Stylist: Camilla Nickerson
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Casting: Maida & Rami