Buzz In St Louis

New York, Milan, Paris, London .. they all have one thing in common they are large international cities. It is assumed that in international cities is where all models are scouted and discovered but this is not the case at all.


How many times have we heard about international models being discovered in small villages, or in a street market .. many times it is a favourite story that the industry replays for us over and over again. St. Louis is one of these places known for the likes of Karlie Kloss, Grace Hartzel, and Myla Dalbesio it is safe to say that St. Louis has proved itself as a place with much model potential. 

It is that time of year again where all Mother Management in St. Louis comes together to bring fashion week and show what they've got. There is a massive amount of celebrity and talent that attend the shows, and everyone anticipates what new stars may emerge after the show each year. Here are some pictures found on from the shows as well as backstage x