Beauty Product: NYX Cosmetics

NYX - masters of funky colored/fantastic products at an incredibly affordable price - have some new releases that I highly suggest you know about.

Macaron Lippie: Do you dare wear green/yellow/grey/black/lavender lips? If you do (there’s a time and place for everything) these highly pigmented lipsticks go on silky smooth, and come in the most unusual, but pretty bomb, colors.$5.99 at Ulta

Proof it! Waterproof Eyebrow Primer: This primer means business. The formula looks a little bit like cement (ironically - clear once on) and it will assure that your brow powder stays safely adhered all day. $7 at

Honey Dew Me Up: A combination of the magic properties of honey (a natural antiseptic), gold flakes and collagen results in the ultimate dewy touch while priming your face. And there is gold in it so, this rocks. $17 at

All Over Balm: Find it in three different combos - Macadamia Nut Oil with Honey/Vanilla Butter; Coconut Oil with Coconut/Vanilla Butter; and Argan Oil with Lychee/Vanilla Butter. This balm is for lips, cuticles, hands, dry elbows, anything that needs balming and it comes in a slightly over-sized Moroccan inspired tin.Each $6.50 at

Renew & Balance Skin Elixirs: Balance with tea tree oils or renew with coenzyme Q10 (fancy). These green and purple primers are means for a pristine/radiant canvas before say, adhering those dramatic eyebrows?Renew $12 at; Balance $12 at

Wonder Stick: This evolution of the wonder pencil takes contouring (an intimidating make up move) and makes it so easy. One side of the stick is the highlight, one the contour, and the side of the box shows you exactly how to use it for the ultimate face contour-tion. $12